Naruto Shippuden 115 Sasuke and Zabuza Sword

Naruto Shippuden 115 Sasuke and Zabuza Sword

Orochimaru hideout - Water Tank - A time in the past

Sasuke: Suigetsu, I will let you from here sometime

Orochimaru hideout - Water Tank - Now

Suigetsu (voice): I know that you .... Because you are here means you have to kill Orochimaru.

Sasuke: Yah. But never mind. Get us out of here.

Suigetsu: I, the First? There is another one?

Suigetsu Sasuke behind

Sasuke: Two more. I will bring out of hiding Juugo Karin from North and South hideout.

Suigetsu: What are you sure?

Sasuke: What? Do not do anything ... I just do not like them. I can not be with them ...

That is, seems so. If I do I take to understand, But if both of them ...., Sasuke.

Suigetsu Sasuke refused to join the

Sasuke: Use your clothes. We go.

Suigetsu: I told Bos like anyway?

Suddenly there is already behind Suigetsu Sasuke

Suigetsu: Let me explain the position of our relationship

Sasuke: Okay?

Suigetsu: Sorry, but you choose to free me. I never said anything about a sharer. Just because you beat Orochimaru not mean you're better than us. All people pursue him. You cultured Orochimaru, So you're not in prison, and free. You have a greater chance to kill him than us. ... ... .. Just be you ... kidding. But I let you go now, So we impasse. I am finally free, So I will do as I am.

Sasuke: Yes already. Unfortunately.

Sasuke go

Suigetsu wallow in the bath


Sasuke is running alone. Suigetsu already have in front of it while swimming in the water

Suigetsu: By the way your team ... right? The team that killed my senpai, Zabuza Momochi. What happens to the sword Zabuza, Kubikiri Hocho? Here only. If you say to me where his sword, And be mine, And I will help you.

Sasuke walk half above water wallow

Sasuke: Use your clothes.

Nami no Kuni

Suigetsu Sasuke and Naruto in front of Ohashi

Naruto Ohashi

Nami no Kuni - Naruto Ohashi (bridge of Naruto)

Suigetsu: Naruto Ohashi? Name the odd ... Hey, Zabuza Senpai Is it really great?

Sasuke adventure he remind the team with 7 against Zabuza

Suigetsu: It's what, Sasuke? Sasuke?

Sasuke: Not whatsoever. Scat.

Makam Zabuza

Makam Zabuza-Haku

Suigetsu: Not here. Sasuke, Do you believe there is here?

Sasuke: Yah.

Suigetsu: I do not have here, Where do ya?

Sasuke: What I know? I'm not a Tomb guard. If not there, then take someone.

Walking in the Naruto Ohashi

Suigetsu: You're correct. May not own the road. Sasuke ... Sorry, No sword is here, you must proud delayed.

Naruto Ohashi

Sasuke: Then what will you do?

Suigetsu: What else? I will find it. Of the seven swords of Kiri Shinobi Gatana Past Gakure derived from generation to generation. That rule sasuke. I want to be one of them and practice hard for it. Since Zabuza Senpai ... I am going, which should inherit Kubikiri Hocho it.


Suigetsu hit someone (that person is Zori, former child gatou fruit)

Zori: I see the way-see, Stupid!

Akan against Suigetsu, Sasuke prohibit

Zori: What? Is there a problem?

Sasuke eyed in fear and Zori

Idola the girls

Zori: Hah? Ah ... never mind ... Be careful!

Zori (bitch): What is the problem, Stupid ... damn idiot ... ... ... dammit!

Suigetsu: You're very good, Sasuke ... So ... How do you want to reply to this moral obligation?


Sasuke and Suigetsu Yogurt drink in a restaurant

Sasuke and Suigetsu

Suigetsu: It's the tasty yogurt. Immemorial that I drink like this. I have water in the tank for this. Can not you relax like this?

Suigetsu: ... But You are a hurry. Why do you collect us?

Sasuke: I will say after we join.

Suigetsu: Okay. "Let's make the world". You will not say something like that right? Make it your own.

Sasuke: I will do something greater.

Waitress did not care about Suigetsu

Suigetsu: If other people who you say it, bit I do not believe. But if you say that ... can be ... But it's the most Bizarre.

A waitress came and the waitress looked Sasuke continue with diffidence. Sasuke only install once proud face without seeing the waitress a bit

Suigetsu: (the waitress) Oh yes ... Naruto Ohashi, Ya kan? Never heard of the sword near the bridge?

The girl Idol 2

Waitress: (a steal while Perspectives on Sasuke) Yes ... Oh, maybe ...

Suigetsu: What if? He (pointing Sasuke) is searching for the sword.

Servant: Hah! Surely someone knows ... I will find out!

The waitress quickly went briefly and then heard voices of women rebut. Briefly and then four servant to Sasuke

Waitress: Oh!


Suigetsu: You're really a woman idol?

Waitress: I know! Tazuna-san ... - The live in the river bank ... ... He knows!

Sasuke: Tazuna ... yes?


Suigetsu: Who Tazuna?

Sasuke: Chairman of the bridge.

Workers in the House Tazuna

Home Tazuna

Workers: the Chairman is not here.

Suigetsu: You know where he went?

Workers: Kaminari no Kuni to build bridges. He is with Inari. He was new back next year.

Suigetsu: Kaminari no Kuni ya? Far away.

Sasuke: Do you know who put the sword of Naruto Ohashi close?

Daikoku Tenzen children and fruit

Worker: Oh, that. Daikoku Tenzen who pick it up. He originally came to catch a ninja sword that brings. But after that ninja that have died, he brought the sword zabusa.

Suigetsu: ... Daikoku Tenzen shit, ya?

Workers: He is a servant Mizu no Daimyou. It seems that the many children killed fruit

Naruto Ohashi

Zori more longer-Zori

Suigetsu: When Zabuza Senpai coup d'Etat in the Left Gakure. Kurasa revenge because he has that.

Suigetsu back into Zori

Zori: Do not avoid. You think you-where?

Suigetsu: Hey, We are looking for you.

Sasuke and Suigetsu to bring Zori corner gang

Zori: S-Who you?

Suigetsu interrogation Zori

Suigetsu: you seem to know much ...

Zori: I do not know anything about Tenzen!

Suigetsu: What. Say anything about him.

Zori: D-Daiko is Tenzen Politicians ... But there is another side of them. He is the head of the gang of thieves. Daimyou heard in the square with a very large amount, then do things that bad.

Zori: You know it all? Ago, where he lived?

Sasuke sneak nights

Zori: Go to the south ... It's castle in the middle of the forest. According to rumor, there are thousands of guards and difficult to be penetrated ..

Tenzen castle.

Night Sasuke arrived at the room and punch a Tenzen sword on the Tenzen asleep. Tenzen the building so surprised.

Tenzen: S-Who in there. how you can be here!

Sasuke: Tomorrow day after tomorrow, this castle is attacked by ten thousand soldiers. Make sure you collect all those who have. Name ... Suigetsu.

Sasuke disappeared

Tenzen: it! Have it!


After that, the forces a horse to come gather Tenzen castle. Suigetsu who tout saw this

Suigetsu: What happened?

Sasuke: It seems there are forces that want to attack the castle tomorrow Tenzen amount to ten thousand.

Suigetsu: Oh ... Really? Yes never. The panic-stricken enemy, the greater the chance on me. How how how many thousands or tens thousand, not a problem for the ninja like me. I will later pass in a night and take Kubikiri Hocho.

Sasuke: What if we bet?

Suigetsu: bet ...?

Sasuke: Who is taking Kubikiri Hocho first ...

Suigetsu: Hah! I do not think you also fun! Okay. This is fun.

Sasuke: Then we start now. But there is one rule. No one shall be killed.

Suigetsu: Hah?


Sasuke vs Son fruit Tenzen

Children Tenzen fruit attack

Sasuke and Suigetsu is located in front of the soldiers Tenzen

Guard: Who you? You Hound!

Guards begin strike. Sasuke against any

Suigetsu: ... that mean now? Really now?

Sasuke spend all the guards.

Suigetsu: I can not lose a bet, okay.

Sasuke monitor from a distance

Sasuke and Suigetsu chase each other in the hundreds of children from the direction of the arrow in the castle

Sasuke: Katon no Jutsu Goukakyu

Snuff out the fire arrow

Suigetsu: Great, Sasuke! What. He lost! The correct course?

Suigetsu attacked the guards alone. Sasuke looked at the monitor from a distance tree

Suigetsu: shit, Recently started! It is so crowded.

Suigetsu successfully slaughter the guards one by one

Suigetsu: Finally. I goal.

Daikoku Tenzen

Tenzen: Odds ... You beat all alone?

Suigetsu: ya. Although no weapon is great, I attack is impossible.

Children fruit: If the weapon is not always great ... useful! what if this?

Suigetsu: Oh yes, That Kubikiri Hocho mine.

Children Tenzen fruit split so two Suigetsu

Sasuke appears

Tenzen; Ah, you succeeded! You also eventually die.

Suigetsu's body is still alive and reconnect

Suigetsu: Sorry. The sword for nothing for his View ... eh? But I am envious. You can take the sword without special training ... if you have a physically very strong will help. I heard you've said all the people in the city ... That you have to kill Zabuza sword Kijin take Zabusa ago.

Suigetsu get the sword

Son of fruit: I-That is not me ... It was the same Tenzen-a ...

Suigetsu: Hmm ... so that you Zabuza Senpai?

Tenzen: T-No ... is to kill Zabuza is ...

Suigetsu: Zabuza? Ee ... Not! Who killed Zabuza-san ... I am not

Sasuke appears

Tenzen: You that man yesterday ... ... He is the person! He who kills Zabuza-san! I will do just take the sword from the grave!

Suigetsu: You have this no-time. Lies once discovered.

Sasuke: Suigetsu!

Sasuke to give bottle to drink

Suigetsu: Wah. Lucky once. I have been thirsty weight. It looks like you're misunderstanding here. I am here not want revenge reply Zabuza. But Because I Senpai's village I ... ... In less rumor by underling like you ... Yes. How do I ...? You should not dwell only? Responsibility you have to do? It seems you only killed me.

Away from the castle

Sasuke: never. What's the kill people like him?

Suigetsu's sword play

Suigetsu: I have cut the main pillar, So should you immediately go from here. I forgive him. As I respect you, Sasuke.

Tenzen: (surprised) Sasuke? That ...? Sasuke who killed Orochimaru?

Suigetsu: Hey, You're famous. Your name is known even here.



Suigetsu: For I have this sword, you just can not beat me ... may be. Hey ... You already know I want this sword right? And ... You know from the beginning if the sword is in the grave Oh no ... so ... People who warn that the castle is the army ... you? Tenzen behave as if you have to see ever been before. Hey? So you make a bet that I may enter the opponent ya? Do not, do not you just test me? Wah. You're evil. What if I am injured? I understand now what ... People like you. And You really like that I imagine. I already have this sword. So I will help you as I promise. So? We are where I? Do not responsible route nearest first ... right? That certainly answer you. I began to understand you ... True, the nearest route.

Suigetsu Sasuke continue to talk but remain silent.