Naruto Shippuuden 117 : Juugo and Sasuke

Naruto Shippuuden 117 : Juugo and Sasuke

Naruto Shippuuden 117 : Juugo and Sasuke

Sasuke cs rest are
Suigetsu: We have to run again? I am tired
Karin: Huh. We will go to the North is now hiding. If this rate, you will be killed until there.
Suigetsu: I only know it from the map. But whether the place is really dangerous?
Karin: North is not hiding hiding usual. ... The place where the experiment is carried out in humans. Then the monster can not be created from the experiment in the key there.
North hideout
Juugo sit in the cell
Juugo: ... No Men, Women ... I will kill the men after this. ...
voice sounded shrill
Juugo: So ya. So already started. ... Why ... Why should you die?
Gakure Konoha - Naruto's home
Sakura and Naruto the bell out while eating ramen
Sakura: Food for the heavy morning.
Naruto: Sakura-chan, I This is holiday. Why do you come once in the morning?
Sakura: This is the day. But never mind. Quick facial I wait.
Naruto: What? You get a date?
Sakura: Fool. Tsunade-sama calls us.

Suigetsu: Say, Are not you tired? What if a short break.
Karin: Rest hold. Rest already. You're this lazy once. We are still far from the purpose of hiding in the North.
Suigetsu: My purpose different with you. I need not care about. Just go there
Karin: I know. But I also have a hideout in the North's affairs. So now I take first.

North hideout
Juugo remind past period. Juugo is being run will kill the man in front of it.
Juugo: Will you kill When cuff Juugo will about men is that men are Kimimaro
Kimimaro: Stop Juugo. Enough ... You do not own. I am with you
Kinin in Juugo sad considering Kimimaro
Juugo: Without you ... I can not exit from this place ...

Karin: Suigetsu ... Why do you follow Sasuke?
Suigetsu: I have a goal. If I follow Sasuke, Tujuanku may be achieved. It seems I also need to ask you the same thing. I do not know what your purpose.
Karin: But, I want you to join with you also with Juugo.
Suigetsu: I know him a little, I never battle with them all. He has special expertise and strength of attention. But I can not guess what is in the brain. And I also do not like him. I know he offers himself to Orochimaru. He certainly mad
Karin: According to the newspaper, usually wild nature can be Juugo well. But if he loose rein, he turns to monster murderer. Personality and appearance is completely changed.
Suigetsu: In other words, he is maniak who like to kill people.
Karin: But for Orochimaru, the ability Juugo is interesting. Orochimaru create an enzyme-based body fluids Juugo who will make the same in the other Shinobi. I mean you know that? That is ... Juin. Juugo is a person who first took him
North hideout
A prisoner Juin changed to the form of level two.
Captive: I will go out from here. I will kill anyone who stops me! Who next?
Gakure Konoha - Hokage Office.
Sakura Hokage face. in the room there is Shizune and Jiraiya.
Hokage: You were late. Why both of you forever?
Sakura: M-Sorry. Naruto breakfast lunch that he says ...
Jiraiya: never .. Never ... Tsunade.
Naruto comes face.

Naruto: Hah, Ero Sennin, You're back already.
Jiraiya: Naruto
Naruto: Wow. Why not say you want to come? We encountered many difficulties after you gone.
Jiraiya: I have heard. I was told only a glimpse, but I know you render a big yes.
Naruto: surely it. I can finally create Korabo Ninjutsu in time with the two frogs.
Jiraiya: Oh. Really? You're finally successful.
Naruto: How? New jutsu I would like to see?
Jiraiya: Yes. Because I am already here, may also.
Naruto: I know. Then after that, what if we are to Ichiraku ramen.
Jiraiya: Good, Let me round.
Naruto: Really? Then let
Jiraiya: Ayo, new Jutsu ... I do want to see.
Tsunade peeved because he is not given the opportunity to speak by Naruto and Jiraiya. Even now Naruto and Jiraiya will go. Tsunade and Sakura yelling and hit Jiraiya and Naruto.
North hideaway - Foreign
Suigetsu: Say, Can we rest a while?
karin: Suigetsu! You continue to rest. We are almost up. What sword? What sword too heavy? Then live it! Making it. Tell him, Sasuke!
See Sasuke hiding north tower
Karin: What?
Sasuke: Where to keep the guard tower?
Karin: You're right ... This is Bizarre.

Suigetsu see someone come off guard.
Karin: He's hiding North. He was still breathing. What happened?
Guard: ... You're Uchiha Sasuke. Could I ...
Sasuke: What?
Guard: This begins when there is news of death Orochimaru. Prisoners into the wild. If this rate ...
Guard the dead.
Suigetsu: Yah ... He died.
Prisoners in the form of two-level Juin Sasuke appears in front of cs.
Detention: You.
Suigetsu: What is?
Karin: He is in a state of two-level Juin.
In high speed, the detainee is Sasuke. Detainee collapsed and was changed Juin marks disappear.

Sasuke: hiding in the North there. Quick search Juugo.
Sasuke into the gate. Karin follow.
Karin: H-Hey ... Wait Sasuke
Suigetsu Prisoners attention before the crash.
Suigetsu: Hah? Who is this person?
Cells Juugo
Juugo: Men's ... If, after this man I will kill him. Okay. Already decided. If a woman is opening the door ... I kill him.
Cs sasuke meet some resistance to that already in the form of two-level Juin
karin: All guards have been killed ... Prisoners and many fled.
Suigetsu: Then we will not know which ... Juugo Sasuke.
Sasuke: Karin, Juugo Are there among them?
Karin: Wah. Making. Wait a moment.
Karin concentrate.
Karin: No. No here.
Suigetsu: If so, we more easily straight Because he is not worried?

Sasuke: Do not kill.
Suigetsu: You're really Konoha Ninja. You must also kill them before the people. Naive once
Sasuke: Come on. You smell.
Suigetsu detainees break down one by one.
Sasuke attack some Prisoners, but they successfully break down easily.
An inmate ran to hide in, but Sasuke was behind him as fast as lightning
Detention: You're very strong
Now Sasuke and Suigetsu stood among the Prisoners.
Karin: The key. Find Juugo Cells
Juugo: kill ... kill ...
Cs sasuke is in the fork.
Sasuke: Karin, Which? Lead road.
Karin: Sasuke, I told Why do you hold?
Suigetsu: never. Quick check. That is the ability that you proud.
Karin concentration.
Karin: Through there.
Suigetsu immediately appointed to the direction of Karin, but karin prevent Sasuke road.
Sasuke: What?
Karin: Actually over here. Come on Sasuke.
Sasuke: Why do you lie? Suigetsu through ...
Karin: Suigetsu braggart, That's why I do not like him. Ayo.
Karin Sasuke interesting hands.
Sasuke: Come on ... I walk alone.
Suigetsu: So. Juin sign someone can change the body shape to be ugly. Sasuke, Juin Are you the same sign as that? Sasuke ... You do not hear.
Suigetsu aware that he alone
Suigetsu: Women witch is ...
Cells Juugo
Juugo: Women's ... If the women go. I will kill him.
Front of the cell Juugo
Sasuke: Here?
Karin: Yes. Juugo is in the.
karin unlock. Juugo see the door start to move
Juugo: There. If so, what is?
Karin will open the door
Karin: Okay. I will open it.
Karin told Sasuke back
Sasuke: I go ahead. You back off
karin: Absolutely.
Juugo: ... No doubt man. If I will kill him.
Sasuke appears
Juugo: Good. I kill you.

karin: He came.
Suigetsu in place until the custody
Suigetsu: Wah. This is the place earlier. I am back to where they are. Damn women.

a detainee's eyes open. With weak he tried to speak.
Prisoners: What is your purpose ... You came here?
Suigetsu: We come to bring Juugo out from here and join with us.
Prisoners: Do you realize what you have to do? If you take him out.
Suigetsu: I agree. But I am sure he will. With force if necessary.
Detention: You may be strong. But you're stupid.
Suigetsu is kicking detainees.
Suigetsu: Listen. If not because of Sasuke. You have I kill Prisoners: Juugo will kill you all.
Suigetsu kill these Prisoners.
Suigetsu: I careless thing to have one person who died.
Juugo larrup hands that have shaped Juin-level two-way to Sasuke.
Karin: Sasuke!
Gakure Konoha - Hokage Room
Sakura: Sorry. Naruto is not like impolite. Hey Naruto, you're stupid. Let's say, apologize
Naruto: Sakura-chan. This is sick. Oh yes. What would you discuss? Let's say Tsunade-bachan. Have said that would not you?
Hokage: Yes ... There is information that has been extended. This is about ...
Naruto: Information? What?
Hokage: Orochimaru died. Uchiha Sasuke seems to kill him.

Naruto: Is that B-?
Jiraiya: Not any more. Source can be trusted.
Naruto: If so ... I thing it is. How can Sasuke killed Orochimaru. Means Sasuke back to Konoha?
Hokage and Jiraiya halt.
Jiraiya: It seems not so.
North hideout
Juugo: This is not finished
Karin: Sasuke Chakra ... Changed.

Juugo: One more .. myself.
karin: Sasuke ...
Juugo: But you are also great. You're able to make some changes. Juin do you control completely.
Sasuke: I do not want to fight. I only want to talk with you, Juugo.