Naruto Shipuuden 118 Sasuke and Team Hebi

Naruto Shipuuden 118 Sasuke and Team Hebi

Juugo: Again, artificial myself 
Karin: Sasuke 
Juugo: But you can also make great partial transformation. You're good at controlling your Juin sign. You're great. I've never seen anything this good after Kimimaro. 
Sasuke: I do not want to fight. I just wanted to talk to you. Juugo. 
Juugo: Talk? 
Sasuke: I'll get you out of here. 
Juugo: get me out of here? You're crazy. Without him ... without him ... ... I can not leave this place. 
Juugo remembered past. Juugo in Juin was running toward a settlement. Juugo through someone's home residents 
Residents: Stop. ... Please stop 
Juugo killed people and burned the town. Soon after, Juugo sat crying regret what was not in a state after the Juin. 
Juugo went on a small street. In the hand perched a squirrel. Then a bird perched on his shoulders the next. 

Juugo laugh 

Juugo kill 

Juugo and small animals 

Juugo: Hey, little fellow. From anywhere? 
A dog followed Juugo. 
Kimimaro is running. He passed a farmer. 
Farmers: Son, where are you going? If you still want to live, do not pass this threshold. There Oni living there. 
Kimimaro: Oni? 
Farmers: He was known as Tenbi no Juugo. Look there. Because Juugo, nobody else lives there now. 
Farmers showed the remnants of the destroyed villages Juugo. 
Farmers: No one approached him and return alive. 
Kimimaro continued on 
Farmers: I do not want to hear, but you're not there! 

dogs followed Juugo 

Kimimaro walked 

Farmers warned 

Juugo and a dog went into a cave. 
Juugo: Why are you following me? But enough. You can not follow me anymore. Come. Go home. 
The dog was returned. Juugo in caves, but the dog was entered into the cave. 
Inside the cave 
Juugo: Do not come. Stay away from me. Stay away. If you're closer, I'll kill you. I'll kill anything that approaches this area. 
The dog was scared and out from cave. When the dog away, Kimimaro came to his lips in and headed goa.Kimimaro Juugo room. Juugo sat southern tip of dark space. 
Juugo: Who? Go! Go. I said go! ... I'll kill you! 
***** Now 
Juugo: Kimimaro 
Sasuke: I said once again. I do not want to fight. I'm coming to get you out of here. Come with me. 
Juugo: I can not go from here. 

Cave dwelling Juugo 

Juugo in the room 

Juugo Sasuke will attack 

Juugo Sasuke attack. Sasuke ran away. Juugo chase. 
Karin: Sasuke! 
Juugo Sasuke attacking all-out, but Sasuke was too fast for the subject Juugo. 
Karin: Kill him ... Sasuke 
Sasuke ran away again. Juugo chase 
Juugo: You think you can escape. 
Corridor destroyed by the attack took a lot of dust Juugo. Karin coughed. Suigetsu arrived. 
Suigetsu: What's wrong with this place? Hey. You were deliberately misled you? 
Karin: You went and lost his own. 
Suigetsu: I'm following the directions that you pointed out. 
Karin: Are you accusing me astray? What good will I lead you astray? 
Suigetsu: So you can be alone with Sasuke. 
Karin: Who wants something like that .. Umm. Mean. #$#%$#^$. Huh. 
Suigetsu: It's all right. Then what happened here? 
Karin: Juugo so wild. 
Suigetsu: So you both get to Juugo ya? Where's Sasuke? 
Karin: He went with Juugo. 
Suigetsu: He is Sasuke. She will not easily defeat. 
Karin: Really? 
Suigetsu: Do Juugo also stronger? 
Karin: I think so. 
Suigetsu: And you said, he followed Orochimaru willingly, right? 

Juugo Sasuke attack 

Suigetsu and Karin 

Juugo chase 

Karin: Yes. 
Suigetsu: Why? 
Karin: To organize themselves. 
Suigetsu: Organizing you? 
Karin: It is possible for Juugo, Orochimaru hideout for him like a sacred temple. 
Suigetsu: What is expected from organized Juugo? 
Karin: Like dependency. He can not do anything without the help of others. Press he wanted to kill her appetite. 
Juugo: Kill! 
Juugo continue to destroy everything in its path. Sasuke kept running away. 
Juugo: You do not understand. I could not get out of this place. 
***** Memory Juugo 
Juugo: I'll kill you too. 


Kimimaro the bone removed 

Juugo wrapped around the bone 

Kimimaro took off his shirt and pulled out his spinal cord. Spinal cord wrapped around Juugo and Kimimaro stop it. 
Kimimaro: I see. Strength would be nice. 
Juugo: S-Who are you? 
Kimimaro: Kimimaro. I came here looking for you. Would you .. go to Orochimaru-sama too? 
Juugo: Orochimaru. 
Kimimaro: There are many people side with Orochimaru. They're like me and you. You're always alone right? If you go to Orochimaru-sama, you will not be alone anymore. 
Juugo: I'm not normal. I could not control myself. I can not know when I would change and wanted to kill the people around me. 
Kimimaro: I will not be killed. I'm not weak. 
Juugo: if you're not afraid of me. 
Kimimaro: None. Juugo. I will be Craig. 
Kimimaro the bone grip release. Juugo back to normal. 
Kimimaro: As long as I am here, your soul will be free. 

Juugo wrapped around the bone 

Led to Orochimaru Kimimaro 

Sasuke avoided 

Still chasing Sasuke Juugo 
Juugo: I'll kill you. 
***** Memory Juugo 
Juugo: Is it true? 
Kimimaro: yah. I will absorb you into the enzyme in the body. Like you, I'll have the strength Juin. 
Juugo: Wait. Juin strength could not adapt to just anyone. If you can not adapt... 
Kimimaro: I know. I will die instantly. 
Juugo: If you know, so stop it. 
Kimimaro: This is part of you. My body is attacked by the disease. It is possible to slow Juin strength effect. Strength will save you. Do not worry! We are best friends. Strength probably will not reject me. 

Kimimaro explained about the disease 

Juugo Sasuke chase 

Suigetsu block 


Still chasing Sasuke Juugo 
Juugo: Kimimaro. Why are you? Why. Leave me and die? 
Juugo Sasuke attack. Sasuke away. Sword Suigetsu Juugo welcome. 
Juugo: What? 
Suigetsu : I use jutsu that different Juugo. Which is solid? 
Sasuke: Stop Suigetsu. 
Juugo: So it was! You Suigetsu. I remember. 
Suigetsu: This man is dangerous, Sasuke. 
Juugo: Sasuke ..? 
Sasuke: We're not here to fight. Let me talk to him. 
Suigetsu: I doubt what you say will be heard. You should talk to him with power. 
Suigetsu and Juugo began fighting 
Sasuke: You're both. Stop. 
Karin: Go on, you guys kill each other! 
As Juugo and Suigetsu will race each other at, Sasuke stop with a big snake that comes out of his hand. 

Sasuke Suigetsu ban 

Suigetsu and Juugo fight 

Sasuke compose 

Sasuke: What do you guys want me to kill you? 
Sasuke let go of the snake grip. 
Suigetsu: What is ... New name for blood. 
Karin: You.. Sasuke! 
Juugo back to normal and then went back to his cell. 
Juugo: Fast lock me! 
Sasuke : Juugo, I am here to bring you. Come with me. 
Suigetsu: He's scared. 
Karin: Not. Not so. 
Juugo: I do not want to kill people anymore. I do not want to get out. Leave me alone. 

Sasuke loosened his snake 

Sasuke and Suigetsu 

Cs sasuke cells outside wait 

Suigetsu: What's this? Personality change? 
Karin: I already told you. Juugo has a lust to kill that can not be controlled. He was unable to suppress the desire to kill her. But in his heart, he did not want to kill people. 
Juugo: I do not know when I'll kill someone else. So please just lock me! 
Suigetsu: show. Juugo is dangerous. Sasuke. I think I can not close his side without feeling anxiety. 
Juugo: what is it with you all? Leave me alone! 
Sasuke: Orochimaru is dead. And it has been destroyed hideout. If you live here, you will die too. 
Juugo: Never mind. I do not want to kill people anymore. 
Sasuke: Do not worry. I will be your craig. I'll stop. 
Juugo: What can you do? The only thing that can stop the lust to kill was Kimimaro. Without Kimimaro, I could not get out. 
Suigetsu: Kimimaro. You mean that from the Kaguya Clan? 
Karin: Yes. Juugo and Kimimaro Orochimaru is a favorite. They left together here for the human experiment in a long time. Also, powerful Kimimaro. Juugo is very valuable for this experiment. And Kimimaro was the only one who can stop the anger. 
Suigetsu: But is not that person is dead? 
Sasuke: Juugo. Kimimaro died for me. He was not there. 
Juugo: Dying for you? You mean ..? Uchiha Sasuke? 
Sasuke: Right. 
Juugo memory 
Juugo: Uchiha Sasuke? Why were you sent out? Are you crazy? This has never happened before. 
Kimimaro: Uchiha Sasuke. People who will replace me be the host for Orochimaru-sama. I had to take him. 
Juugo: What is he great? 

Persuade Sasuke Juugo 

Kimimaro and Juugo 

Kimimaro Uchiha Sasuke explains about 

Kimimaro: If you doubt it into the host, then no more. He is my successor. I will risk my life for him. I'm proud of you, Juugo. You made me stronger. Well Juugo. See you again. 
Juugo opened his cell door 
Juugo: So, so yes. Kimimaro. 
Outside the hideout. 
Sasuke: Now. I've got all that will recruitment. So I would say my goal. My aim is named kill Akatsuki member Uchiha Itachi. 

Kimimaro farewell 

Juugo Exit 

Sasuke made his point 

Suigetsu: So yes. 
Karin: Uchiha Itachi .. Provided his brother. 
Sasuke: And I'll borrow the strength for it. However, I will not force you. Kerry, you said you still have business. What would you do? 
Karin: #@!~%.. Come to think, it does not matter. 
Suigetsu: Karin. Be honest with yourself. You just want to be with Sasuke right? 
Karin: It's not true. Who says so. It.%$!$@^$ Um ... 
Suigetsu: Well you caught yah! That's why you're not able to speak. I know everything. It's a long time, you like to Sasuke .. 
Karin Suigetsu hitting face, but Suigetsu's face into the water. 
Sasuke: Suigetsu, do not mock Kerry continued. I told you have to work together. 
Suigetsu: Okay. Forgive me. Karin. But however you want me there, I'll continue to stick like glue Sasuke. At least until I can grab another sword of Shinobi Gatana One of the Left, Samehada property which is a partner Kisame Itachi Uchiha. 
Karin: So you collectors sword huh? Not cool. 
Sasuke: Suigetsu. 
Suigetsu: I know. Juugo, how about you. 
Juugo: Kimimaro said that you are his successor. Sasuke .. and he was risking his life for Sasuke. I want to see with my own eyes. How great you are. 
Sasuke: If it had been decided. 
Naruto: What about him? Orochimaru is dead, why he did not return to the village? 

Beat Suigetsu Karin 

Team Hebi 

News Sasuke in Konoha 

Jiraiya: Sasuke fed by feelings of revenge. He intended to approach Akatsuki. 
Naruto: The man ... Is he still ....? Shit 
Sasuke: From now on, we move together. Start now, we'll call ourselves. Hebi 
Naruto: If so let us move! Akatsuki mission to find it still there? 
Hokage: Yes 
Naruto: If we go after Akatsuki members, we will meet Sasuke. 
Sasuke: Hebi had one goal. 
Naruto: In other words, our goal is to .... 
Sasuke : Uchiha … 
Naruto: Itachi