Naruto Shippuuden 116 - Sasuke & guards hiding South

Sasuke and Suigetsu running in the sea south to the hideout
Suigetsu: I can do Something?
Sasuke: Please

Walking in water

Sasuke and Suigetsu

South hideout

Suigetsu: Why do you collect those?
Sasuke: I have a goal ... And my purpose will be more easily achieved with the form a small team. Since I am near to Orochimaru, I always think at this time, I was weighing a potential great ninja.

Suigetsu: Oh ...? Then ... Why you choose Karin? Unlike me, He that guards ... pursuivant Orochimaru hideout south. Where Orochimaru prison its experimental rabbits. After the states loyal to Orochimaru, he is often hurt my body. Moreover disgust.
Sasuke: Yes, there are many great ninja who join .But he can have my special power that is not owned by other people.
Suigetsu: Yah ... it is.
South hideout
karin are mengendus-endus
Karin: ... And the smell fragrant smell unpleasant.
Suigetsu Sasuke and arrive in the South Island hideaway
Suigetsu: There is not any defense in this hideaway. Should have a fence.
Sasuke: This place is safe. Not need it.
Suigetsu: But this is too quiet. Your think newspaper death Orochimaru has to this place?
Sasuke see many new cut in the sand. Suigetsu and Sasuke finally arrived at the front gate. Suigetsu Sasuke sign use his sword to open the door.
Suigetsu: You also have.
Sasuke: Have you more fit.
Suigetsu destroyed the gate with his sword.
Suigetsu: Open!
Mn1: Hey, I think. If the news is true ... ..
Mn2: Sut up! Tell you what happens to the other people that you say ...
Mn1: Yah. You're right ... Oh, shit ...
Sasuke and Suigetsu through
Mn1: That Uchiha Sasuke! What is in a place like this? He did not have long here with Orochimaru.
Mn1: Yah, Why not have Orochimaru? He even people with no known ...
Mn1: Perhaps the news is true ...! About the death of Orochimaru.
Mn3: True! Surely have killed Orochimaru Sasuke! And he came to free us!
Mn2: Fool. That may not happen! Moreover, Orochimaru might not die.
Arrived in South hideout
In front of the Iron Gate

Karin: So you are correct ... Sasuke. Sasuke ... The fact that you're here alone means that the news is true.
Suigetsu: Hey I am here also.
Karin: And? What is makes you here?
Suigetsu: It's a Sasuke want to discuss with you ... The talk while we stood like, What if we in? I once had long run ... I am tired.
Karin: What would you discuss?
Suigetsu: I said do while standing, Karin ... You do not bother me ... Huh! Resent you.
Karin: What you say?
Sasuke: never, Karin. Bring us into.
Karin: Fine.
Sasuke: Karin, follow with. I need you.
Karin: Hah! Why must I followed? I must keep this place!
Sasuke: Orochimaru was gone.
Karin: What about the prisoners here?
Suigetsu: By the way detainees, once they are dead. Whether the death of Orochimaru no news to them?
Sasuke: The number of detainees here is reduced dramatically since I last here. There is also a former ex-mining that is still new in the future. Karin, With your smart, surely the information into your attention.
Suigetsu: I understand. News Orochimaru began to spread death in the custody, So to prevent the emergence of tumult, Karin immediately take actio. You install a detective among the prisoners, and if there is a spread news ...

Karin and Suigetsu
Sasuke invites Karin
Karin undecided
Karin oversees funeral
Sasuke: Karin, This is indeed your task to maintain the security of this place. Or ... To have you stay alive.
Karin: I do not talk a lot!
Suigetsu: You have been trained by Orochimaru, you're correct. You're frightening. You may have felt the presence of us since long. You can even just kill us now.
Karin: I want to know whether that news is true ... It is true that Sasuke killed Orochimaru.
Sasuke: I indeed killed him.
Karin: How do you say you can relax with?
Sasuke: Suigetsu ... Release all prisoners who are here.
Suigetsu: What-? Wah ... you always boss.
Suigetsu out
Karin: You can not come and take over one wishes! You do not know the importance of maintaining something here ...
Sasuke: No prisoners, No need for guards. I say once again. Follow with, Karin.
Karin: I refuse! Moreover ... I followed no obligation!
Sasuke: Oops ... Because you can not already be working, I will get other people only.
Bury prisoners who make a noise
Suigetsu to free prisoners
Suigetsu will release prisoners
Mn1: I know! News that Uchiha Sasuke kill Orochimaru is correct!
Suigetsu: Well, It is true.
Mn1: What will happen to us all here?
Suigetsu: Of course, you are free.
Mn1: B-Really?
Suigetsu: Yah ... I also used to arrest. But you see yourself, I am free. I will open this cell. But before I have a request.
Mn1: What is? Say it!
Suigetsu: People beat Orochimaru and Sasuke is exempt us. If you're outside, tell this to people ... People who will bring peace in this world.
Karin door lock
karin: I join. Because of you, I want to come ... I follow.
Sasuke: What? Changing very fast.
Karin: After-thought be thought, I realize if I am tired to keep this place.
Suigetsu opened the door
Suigetsu: Locked in from the Women's ...!
Sasuke: That Suigetsu.
Karin near Sasuke
Karin: Forget that, Yes, Sasuke?
Sasuke: You ... Do not close-close.
Karin: Here's one ... What if we just only? We do not need people like ... Suigetsu.
Sasuke: Your smart and especially to feel the strength Chakra ... From the beginning I met you, I know that I can use.
Karin: Yes ... that time
Karin remember when the first met Sasuke. Karin and Sasuke in the forest
karin: Orochimaru-sama sent me here. To help you, Uchiha Sasuke.
Sasuke: Two days ago, 118 prisoners from hiding vague. According to the estimate of the time, they all still reside in this forest.
Karin: I know if the command is to catch them live or die.
Sasuke: Yah.
Karin near Sasuke
Karin which blurred the detention
Sasuke and Karin
Karin imagine hug Sasuke chakra
Karin: If so let's start. (concentration) 50, 60 ... 70 ... 80 ... 90 ... 100. Meet them! I start with the most close to hide us. There is a fifty meters behind us. Then four more in front of us in the direction of ten o'clock.
Sasuke immediately move
karin: Fast once!
Sasuke: You can continue?
karin: Indeed my job already.
Sasuke: Karin, the eyes.
Karin: A not-boss! There are three directions that day 1:30 hide. And from that place, nine o'clock direction, I have five more in the neighborhood.
Sasuke continues to capture the prisoners with the assistance of Karin
Sasuke: It is how much?
Karin: With the so Searched 84. Sasuke, why do not you kill them? You're so magnanimous.
Sasuke: There is only one person who wants to kill.
Karin: What?
Karin: The Chakra this ... ..? People ... this is Cool
Karin imagine hug Sasuke chakra
Sasuke: Karin ...
An inmate attacked Karin. Sasuke is forced to kill the prisoners in order to save Karin
Karin: You do that for me ...?
Sasuke: If you die, so the rest take more difficult.
Sasuke save karin
Suigetsu and karin
Karin: I know! At that time ... I ... Sasuke ... Sasuke, I
Suigetsu opened the door with sword
Suigetsu: I go, Sasuke. Karin reject call you right?
Sasuke: No. He would like to participate.
Karin: Who says I participate? I just ... I just like to go to the same direction. But it is not more ...!
Suigetsu: Good, Then our direction
Karin: Well, Just direction!
Sasuke: Okay ... Next Juugo.
Karin: What? You will also be the place to Juugo?
Suigetsu: Why? You just direction.
Karin: Yes, indeed, but no one is asking? What? How different?
Sasuke: Get away!
Karin: Sasuke Uchiha ... He always seems calm and cool ... The ini ... It is nice. Of hundreds, even thousands, Chakra is the best
North hideout
One inmate (Juugo) in cells
Juugo: No, Woman ... Women also good ... No, wait. Men? Men's Kurasa better ... No ... ... Women? Women's ... Maybe ... No man ...